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We are interested in nonequilibrium physics of quantum many-body systems and statistical mechanics. The aim is to realize a new order or new physical property by driving quantum systems out of equilibrium. At first sight, it sounds unlikely to happen because energy injected by an external drive would turn into heat, which would destroy all the interesting properties of quantum many-body systems that might emerge at low energies. However, contrary to our intuition, recent studies have found various possibilities such that novel states of matter that can never be realized in equilibrium do emerge out of equilibrium. We are trying to understand their mechanism and explore the frontier of nonequilibrium condensed matter physics.


・11/29/2021 We had a StatPhys seminar given by Dr. Sota Kitamura (Univ. of Tokyo) with the title “Nonreciprocal current response in the Landau-Zener problem”.
・11/25/2021 We posted a paper “Optical response of the Leggett mode in multiband superconductors in the linear response regime” on arXiv:2111.12318.
・11/09/2021 Our group has joined Newton Cafe.
・10/18/2021 We had a StatPhys seminar given by Dr. Yusuke Nomura (RIKEN CEMS) with the title “Quantum many-body problems and artificial neural networks”.
・10/01/2021 Huanyu Zhang joined our group.
・09/17/2021 Our group has an open position for an assistant professor. For details, see here. → The application has been closed.
・07/29/2021 We published a paper, “Collective Excitations and Nonequilibrium Phase Transition in Dissipative Fermionic Superfluids” (Yamamoto et al., Phys. Rev. Lett. 127, 055301 (2021)).
・07/13/2021 Tsuji gave a condensed-matter theory seminar at Osaka University.
・07/12-14/2021 Tsuji gave an intensive lecture “Recent developments of nonequilibrium physics in quantum many-body systems” at IPC, Graduate School of Science, Osaka University.
・06/28/2021 We had a StatPhys seminar given by Dr. Yuta Murakami (Tokyo Institute of Technology) with the title “Nonthermal orders in strongly correlated systems”.
・05/28-29/2021 We joined the graduate course guidance and the open lab event.
・04/26/2021 Tsuji joined the undergraduate cource guidance.
・04/20/2021 Tsuji gave a talk at the official seminar at Department of Physics.
・03/26/2021 We posted a paper “η Pairing of Light-Emitting Fermions: Nonequilibrium Pairing Mechanism at High Temperatures” on arXiv:2103.13624.
・03/12/2021 Tsuji gave a talk at The JPS Annual Meeting.
・03/03/2021 We posted a paper “Tachyonic and Plasma Instabilities of η-Pairing States Coupled to Electromagnetic Fields” on arXiv:2103.01547.
・02/05/2021 Our group has joined Newton Cafe.
・12/23/2020 Our group has joined Newton Cafe.
・10/21/2020 Tsuji gave a talk at StatPhys seminar at University of Tokyo.
・10/16/2020 Tsuji group has been launched.


Naoto Tsuji
Department of Physics, University of Tokyo
Hongo 7-3-1, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo 113-0033, Japan
E-mail: tsuji [at] phys.s.u-tokyo.ac.jp


Hongo campus
Science Bldg. 1